Courses Taught

a)      Graduate courses taught

HIST5702x Digital History, Winter 2012

HIST6602 Minor in Public History, Fall 2013. Team taught with David Dean, John Walsh, Paul Litt, James Opp, Bruce Elliott.

HIST6701 Directed Studies – History and Political Economy. Fall 2011. Team taught with Dominique Marshall, Sonya Lipsett-Rivera, Marc Saurette, Paul Nelles, David Dean, Rod Phillips, Barry Wright, Cristina Rojas.

b)     Undergraduate courses taught

FYSM1405a Digital History/Digital Antiquity.

2010 F – 2011W (elective course)

2011 F – 2012 W (elective course)

HIST2809 The Historian’s Craft.

2011W, F (elective course)

2012 F (required course)

2013 W, F (required course)

 HIST3812a Digital History: Video Games & Simulation for Historians

2013 W (elective course)

HIST3902a Topics in European History: City and Countryside in the Ancient World

2012 F (elective course)

CLCV3202a/HIST3101a Roman Archaeology for Historians

2013 F (elective course)

 c)      Supervision


2011-2013 Peter Holdsworth, ‘Commemorative Social Networks and the War of 1812’. Co-supervisor with John Walsh.

2011 Stephen Jarret, ‘Cultural Heritage Landscape Assessment: Establish Best Practice’. Co-supervisor with Paul Litt.


2012-13 HIST4910 Allison Smith, ‘Black History in Canada’. Co-supervisor with James Miller.

2011-12 DIST4908 Zach Battist, ‘Feasting in Bronze Age Greece: A Network Analysis Approach’.

 d)     Theses examined for other departments at Carleton


2013 HIST4910 Sarah Grant, Greek and Roman Studies (cross-listed)

2013 HIST4910 Kathleen McFarland, Greek and Roman Studies (cross-listed)

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