Since joining Carleton in 2010, I have won both University and National honours for my teaching.

2013 Desire2Learn Innovation Award in Teaching and Learning, Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

“Professor Shawn Graham has been able to weave together an incredible tapestry of innovations that include course design, assessment, and teaching and learning approaches. He had students partner together and produce an augmented reality book with the Canadian Museum of Civilization and he developed an interactive online virtual archeological dig so that students could experiment and experience activities beyond the physical classroom. Other innovations include game-based learning approaches that acknowledged student work, and he simulated ancient roman civilization to help students understand context, time and space.

Key to these innovations is Prof. Graham’s ability to guide students to achieve beyond their own expectations. Whether in their first year or at the graduate level, learners experimented, thought critically, contributed to original research, and developed a passion for learning.

Prof. Graham cares deeply about students and encourages every learner’s potential by providing engaging and powerful learning experiences both at Carleton University and beyond.”

2012 Educational Development Centre Carleton University Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award

“Educational technology has changed the face of education, and its many advantages and uses are found in all facets of teaching and learning. Almost all, if not all, faculty members and instructors are utilizing some form of educational technology, and some exceptional few are leading the charge in effectively and creatively incorporating educational technology in their teaching and learning environment. The Educational Development Centre has established the Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award in recognition of faculty members and instructors truly excelling in integrating educatio nal technology in their teaching practice.”

I am also pleased to mention that I was nominated for a 2013  Capital Educators’ Award

The Capital Educators’ Awards recognize the achievements of outstanding educators and celebrates public education in our community.

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