Travellersim ABM

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2007 Shawn Graham and J. Steiner. “Travellersim: Growing Settlement Structures and Territories with Agent-Based Modelling” in Jeffrey T. Clark and Emily M. Hagemeister (eds) Digital Discovery: Exploring New Frontiers in Human Heritage. CAA 2006. Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology. Proceedings of the 34th Conference, Fargo, United States, April 2006. Budapest: Archaeolingua. 57-70

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view/download model file:
Travellersim1.0.nlogo (this file includes map import procedure and social networks output procedures not shown in the applet above).

Built using NetLogo 3.1.Contact

The applet requires Java 1.4.1 or higher. It will not run on Windows 95 or
Mac OS 8 or 9. Mac users must have OS X 10.2.6 or higher and use a browser that
supports Java 1.4. (Safari works, IE does not. Mac OS X comes with Safari. Open
Safari and set it as your default web browser under Safari/Preferences/General.)
On other operating systems, you may obtain the latest Java plugin from
Sun’s Java site.

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